Corporate Governance

Providing Jabil Circuit investors with, accurate, dependable information is of critical importance to Jabil's management team and the Jabil Circuit Board of Directors. Ethical practices anchor Jabil management's philosophy for running the business and our Board of Directors is committed to holding itself up to the highest ethical standards. Our Board is structured with progressive corporate governance practices. Jabil's management and Board have proactively taken action to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and NYSE corporate governance recommendations in advance of specific requirements to do so.

Some of the guidelines and principles we have documented and are practicing include:

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Jabil's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics HTML file   0.0 KB  
Jabil's Certificate of Incorporation PDF  504.0 KB  
Amended and Restated Bylaws PDF  168.7 KB  
Audit Committee Charter PDF   36.5 KB  
Code of Ethics for the Principal Executive Officer and Senior Financial Officers PDF   10.6 KB  
Compensation Committee Charter PDF  118.7 KB  
Corporate Governance Guidelines PDF   34.7 KB  
Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee Charter PDF   22.3 KB  
Procedures for Stockholder Communication with Directors PDF   35.1 KB  
Regulation FD Disclosure Policy PDF   38.8 KB  
Electronic Industry Code of Conduct PDF  145.1 KB